Top five casinos in Las Vegas Nevada

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Las Vegas Nevada, in the United States of America, is known for "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas" .

Las Vegas Nevada, in the United States of America, is known for "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas" and for the nightlife that characterizes the city that never sleeps , here the fun begins when the sun goes down. hides and the lights of the avenues, buildings and casinos are turned on to welcome those who enjoy the night.

This city hosts an inscribable number of tourists per year, who, in addition to going to know its attributes, go with the hope of having good luck when they visit the many casinos Las Vegas has to offer, since these are the main attraction of visitors.

Gambling, parties and 10-minute marriages are part of the fun and adventure that surrounds this city , and this time we want to immerse you in the attractions it offers so that you have an extraordinary experience and live it to the fullest, that's why From Happy Low Cost, we leave you the list with the best 5 casinos in Las Vegas so that you run with the good luck of leaving "the city of sin" with full pockets.


Known around the world for its facilities and vibrant energy. Its importance is such that it won the Five Diamond Award for its elegance and comfort , as it offers its visitors an unforgettable experience.

The Bellagio is one of the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas, which in addition to super-equipped game rooms, has dancing fountains, lights, music, botanical gardens and even an art museum.

This casino offers more than 40 poker rooms, two exclusive rooms for making big bets, where the International Poker Tour (World Poker Tour) is also held annually, classic Blackjack tables, three-card poker, traditional baccarat, fast craps, let go ride, more than 2000 slot machines and rooms to bet on horse racing.

2. Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

This icon in international casinos is known miles away for its incredible golden facade that is impossible not to look at from any relatively close angle. Here they combine gambling with tropical decor that includes their own beach and shark reef, and of course a pool area that offers a casino where you can go in your bathing suit.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino offers over 1700 slot machines, video poker games, classic poker. It also has an area known as "Mandalay Bay Sports Book" that has more than 20 screens for those who love horse racing, the casino also has a private area for renowned gamblers and VIP clients, most of whom are famous people involved in the show or business.

3. Palms Casino Resort

This casino is one of the most recognized and visited by tourists when they arrive in the city of Las Vegas Nevada, in part, the boom it receives year after year is attributed to the 70 game tables that are constantly increasing and are so diverse that you can never get bored of being there.

One of the many virtues of this casino is that it offers free classes on any game every Saturday of the year , which allows inexperienced players to understand the games to have practice and bet at night. In addition, the Palms Casino has special promotions on Friday and Saturday from its opening at 10 pm.

The Palms offers in addition to casino and games, rooms, restaurants and discos such as Moon Nightclub.

4. Ceasars Palace

If you've ever seen the movie "What Happened Yesterday?" they can be located in this wonderful casino, and also hotel, located in Las Vegas. This place has a decoration that is considered its main attraction, especially for the columns, fountains and large statues in all the facilities, all in the style of ancient Rome.

Ceasars has the largest poker room in Las Vegas, with 62 tables plus a separate room to be more exact, this allows them to receive millions of players a year and be the official venue for poker tournaments such as "The National Heads Up Poker Championship and WSOP Circuit ».

However, this is one of the few casinos in the city that includes different environments in the same place, and we say it because women will be able to have their corner in the spectacular Burlesque-inspired game room.

5. MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

This beauty is one of the most recognized internationally and its fame has led it to win several world-class awards and it has even been the venue for films such as Rocky IV and for the delivery of the Billboard Music Awards.

Its capacity is immense as it includes an area known as "Casino War" where there are more than 1600 slot machines and 196 tables with poker games , these are the main attractions for tourists who decide to have a night out in Las Vegas.

In addition to having a large number of games for all tastes, the MGM offers rooms of great quality and comfort, as well as "The Grand Garden Arena" which is where concerts and even televised boxing fights with great athletes usually take place in the sport.


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