How to get Sylveon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Sylveon is a very cute fairy tale type pokemon in the Sword version of the game. For players who like to join this type of Pokémon in the team, it is often a very worthwhile choice. Its overall basic data is very reliable, and its special defensive abilities are also sought after by players.

Sylveon is also a Pokémon evolved from Pokemon Eevee. In the introduction of Pokedex, players can know that it can release its ribbon-shaped tentacles to eliminate waves of hostility to stop any conflict. As a member of the Shiny Pokemon family, its animation effects are also very beautiful. So let's see how to get it!

The first step for the player looking for their on-the-job Sylveon would be to make sure they own an Eevee first! Once a trainer has caught an Eevee, they'll increase its Friendship Level to three hearts.

There are some ways to boost the Friendship Level of a Pokemon. It would be best if your player caught their Eevee employing a Luxury or Friend Pokeball. Regardless, anybody can also increase the particular level by simply utilizing the Pokemon often, carrying it of their party, feeding it vitamins, all night. it secures the Soothe Bell.

Once a farmer has reached three hearts Friendship Level making use of their Eevee, they'll teach their Pokemon a Fairy-type move.

The last step would be to simply train and level up the Eevee via battling, once it's got achieved the earlier two prerequisites. So long as the Friendship Level is a correct amount as well as the Pokemon knows a Fairy-type move, it'll evolve right into a Sylveon when leveled up.

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