Golden Goose Sneakers that

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Golden Goose Sneakers that


I settled on these Nike Daybreak sneakers in black Golden Goose Sneakers that paired as seamlessly with my cigarette trousers as they did with my A-line dresses. Not bad, I thought, Although a little tight.

It was nice because a lot of celebrities just expect things for free, but these were commissioned especially and they wanted to buy directly from me, so it felt very personal.

The chatterbox, gals gabbin' nature of shopping is something I had totally forgotten about over the past year. People mocked Hilary Duff on the red carpet but look who is laughing now tbh.

And if you really want to take TLC to the next level, take some me time the night before. Lenny Kravtiz cut a striking figure this past week in an Instagram photo captured by his stylist Rodney Burns.

Top, whip, and contrast stitching adds a compelling element to otherwise regular fall loafers and Chelsea boots from JW Anderson and Proenza Schouler while exaggerated square toes and sculptural kitten heels bring classic ankle boots discreetly to the next level.

Unsurprisingly, it's footwear. And rapt audience will be ready, as individuals continue to fight back against the mounting hair concerns of our time, spurred on by everything from chronic stress to air pollution.

They have the power to change your mood and to alter, not your personality, but your persona at that moment. Her talent and perspective have put Ahluwalia's business on a rapid incline: She's picked up a host of new stockists, won multiple awards, participated in Gucci Fest, collaborated with Ganni, and produced a series of short films.



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