dior bag sale brought back the

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dior bag sale brought back the


A season before Grazia Chiuri dior bag sale brought back the Saddle bag, she armed the models of Dior's spring 2018 collection with tote bags. Dubbed the Book tote, the carryall took practically no time at all to wind up on celebrities, influencers, and that set of individuals who zigzag between Capri, Ibiza, and Saint - Tropez in the summer months. The Book tote's rapid ascent to fashion mainstay had much to do with the fact that it was no mere tote bag. The Ultra Black Bags are incredible elegant because both the leather as well as the hardware are crafted in black. It should be limited, so we don't know whether they will continue to sell in the future. The Saddle Bag is constructed with the same shape as the 'Horse Saddle'.



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