Home Upgrades - What to Add Now, and What to Add Later

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When designing your home, you need to consider not only how your current living conditions will benefit you but also how they will affect the sale price of your home once you have decided to sell it.

Does your home have small doors?


Extending them all can be costly, but turning your door hinges into a loose style can add two inches or more of clearance in an inexpensive way.


  • Rearrange the furniture to make room: This may seem like a simple idea, but it is often overlooked. Arrange the furniture to give a broad, uncluttered view of the rooms. If you use a wheelchair, rolling walker or cane, you will need more walking space. In fact, if you are traveling in a wheelchair, you need at least five feet wide to turn in the right direction.


  • Extend your access: Climbing stairs or chairs to get to things that are beyond your control may put you at risk of falls and injuries. Additionally, many older people, or those with arthritis, may find it difficult to hold their hands properly. A summary is made to help you hold on to what you need, whether it is a letter from the top of a bookshelf or socks under a bed.


  • Customize your bathroom: A few extra items in your bathroom can make it safer and easier to navigate. If it is difficult to stand alone during a bath, a bath bench is a good solution. It gives you a comfortable seat, and legs with a rubber band help keep the bench from slipping on a wet tub or down in the shower. If you need help getting in and out of the bathtub to bathe or shower, handles attached to the wall of your bathtub can be helpful.


  • Build your own kitchen: In the kitchen, even a few small changes can make a difference in use. Move daily items to prepare food or snacks in an easily accessible place. If there is not enough space for everything you need on the shelves next to the cabinets, a raptor style appliance can help. Simple and durable, its unique texture is contoured to accommodate both large pots and small containers. If you are using a wheelchair, make a place for yourself at the table by removing the seat and leaving space for it to come together and eat.


  • Add support to your bedroom: Getting in and out of bed can be challenging without a little help. A bedside table is an easy way to help lower or raise a bed. Easy to install, slide under the mattress with straps provided for extra safety. The soft handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold, and there is a package provided for storing personal items.


  • Keeping your home accessible is worth the effort: Making a few small changes now to increase accessibility in your home can help you stay comfortable, secure and independent as you grow older. As you make these changes, take the opportunity to inspect your home for a wide range of changes that may be needed to secure your future.


These are some of the most ingenious home improvement ideas and improvements to consider as you work to make your home more attractive and functional. If you can do it all at once plan your projects and budget accordingly and deal with them as you see fit and possible.


Haralur Road is a growing area and located southeast of the city of Bangalore. The fastest growing area in Kudlu is close to NH - 44 and IT operates through commercial areas such as HSR Layout, Electronic City, Sarjapur Road, and Silk Board.


Many people choose this area because it is close to designated workplaces such as Manyata Tech Park and beautiful areas including supermarkets, educational institutions and hospitals. It comes under the power of BBMP. Harlur Road prides itself on being close to many public and international schools, supermarkets, shops, banks and ATMs, clinics, etc.


Due to the proximity of Sarjapur and Electronic City to some of the larger 'Silicon Valley' IT parks in India, the Haralur housing market has grown exponentially. The official launch of the site in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike also contributed to this. As a result, there has been an increase in demand for Apartments in Haralur Road, one of Bangalore's most famous landmarks.


The average price for this property is Rs. 6617.0 per sq-ft. 3 BHK is available for sale at a price of Rs. 67.1 Lakhs to Rs 3.30 Cr on Haralur Road.


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