Find out how to get your Daily Spin Prize NBA 2K22 MT in NBA 2K22

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Deck 14 on the Cancha del Mar is where you'll find your Daily Spin Prize in NBA 2K22

Deck 14 on the Cancha del Mar is where you'll find your Daily Spin Prize in NBA 2K22.   Choose between the Game Room and Ante-Up if you want to play a game.   It is in the game room that you can play Daily Spin, 2K Daily Pick'Em, and arcade basketball, in addition to dining in Blackwood 512, which is a private club for members only.   Boost burger bar and pick-up basketball are both available at the Anti-Up location in downtown Los Angeles.  

Find out how to get your Daily Spin Prize in NBA 2K22.  
Upon entering Deck 14's Game Room, turn right and look for the Daily Spin wheels to your right.   Choosing a wheel and pressing the X key will cause the Prize Wheel to spin.   You can win a variety of prizes by spinning the wheel, including double XP, the Jackpot (777), VC, Swag's items, Jordan items, Gatorade, and other items of value.   A daily pick'em game can be played at the machine to the left of the Prize wheels, if you prefer.  

After you have won something, you must claim your Daily Spin prize NBA 2k22 cheap mt in NBA 2K22 within the same day that you have won something else.   The prize in NBA 2K22 can be claimed by visiting the 2K Store (Swag's), or it will appear in your inventory if you do not go to the 2K Store (Swag's).   Visit the store and claim your free item so that it can be added to your cart.   Make sure to look through all of the different options and see which ones are available for free redemption! If you win a Jordan item, for example, you should go to Swag's (Deck 4, Promenade) and look in the Jordan section.  

Currently, some players are unable to claim their prizes NBA 2K22 MT due to a technical issue.   As a known issue, we'll have to wait until 2K Games has a solution ready.   For those who are curious about how to spin the Elite Prize wheel, you must first reach level 26 on the MyCareer Season rewards before you can attempt to do so.   Access to the VIP Wheel is granted at the 26th level of the game.  

In NBA 2K22, how do you collect endorsement checks?
Building up your player in NBA 2K22 is a time-consuming process, and you'll need to stack that virtual currency if you want to take your player to the next level.  .  The amount of venture capital you'll require appears to be particularly high this year.   The good news is that you will be receiving plenty of VC Endorsement Checks to assist you in your endeavors.   We want to walk you through the process of collecting endorsement checks in NBA 2K22, which can be a confusing process.  

In NBA 2K22, how do you collect endorsement checks?
You must go to the Lobby on the 4th floor of the Cancha del Mar and look for the Purser's Desk if you want to collect Endorsement Checks in NBA 2K22 (NBA 2K22).   To obtain your VC, you must speak with the woman working at the Purser's Office desk.  .  That concludes the procedure and provides you with all of the information you require to collect your checks in NBA 2K21.   If you're still having trouble finding the Purser's Desk, try closely following the steps outlined below.   Go to the elevator on whatever floor you're currently on and select the Lobby option to exit the building.   You will then be transported to the Lobby, where you will be greeted by a large statue.   After passing the statue, take a right and look for the row of windows on your right.   The Purser's Desk is located on the far left of the room.  

You should be able to find it if you follow those instructions and refer to the image above, which we believe you will do if you do so.   Take note that some players are experiencing difficulties picking up checks at the moment.   If this is the case for you, you can try relaunching your NBA 2K22 and giving it another shot at solving the problem.   It appears to be a fairly common problem, so we hope that 2K Sports can quickly release a fix so that players can continue to collect their virtual currency without interruption.  


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