Escape from Tarkov: More items are on the banned list

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Escape from Tarkov, in one of the latest tech updates, puts additional restrictions on players dropping items during raids, whether it's a squad member or a random player. Battlestate Games continues to battle RMT as more items are added to the no-drop list.

Battlestate's fight with Real Money Trading has been going on for some time, and two weeks ago, the developers took a new major action against RMT, ruling out the option to drop/drop some items of value during raids.

The first items on the list are key cards, Escape from Tarkov Roubles, and other very rare valuables. The second batch contains some questionable items, as some of them are very cheap at the flea market and may not be an RMT threat. The additions to the list are as follows:

Can no longer be dropped in raids:


Discard limit: 1 piece

Smoke balaclava
Shroud half-mask
Fake mustache
Pestily plague mask
bomber beanie
Kotton beanie
Discard Limit 4:
DevTac Ronin ballistic helmet

Discard limit: 20 pieces:


This list does not apply to items found in raids.

Masks are one of the items players find outdated, as they sell for less than 5k Roubles per slot and may not be an item to adjust. A lot of players are not happy with this approach because it doesn't actually solve the root cause of the problem.

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