What are the principles of child table chair set design

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child table chair set

child table chair set design Due to the rapid physical and psychological development of children, height and aesthetic tendencies change rapidly with age.

In the process of designing the child table chair set, certain growth is required. According to the survey, the average height of Chinese children increases by 3-4 cm per year before puberty. After entering puberty, the average height of children increases rapidly at a rate of 6-8 cm per year. Some children can even grow up to about 10 centimeters a year. If we want to ensure that the child table chair sets used by children of all ages are tailor-made, each child needs a large number of child table chair sets, which is obviously not in line with the actual level of economic development and economic availability. Overall strategy for sustainable development. A reasonable solution is a child table chair set that allows children to sit and write for long periods of time with adjustable size and height, so that the children can grow with the child table chair set. The best design of the child table chair set is that the function and proportions of the child table chair set can be adjusted as the child grows.

The child table chair set is a product that students use for a long time in their daily study and life. The student stage is the stage of learning knowledge. The size of the child table chair set in the long body stage is not suitable, which will affect vision, sitting posture and bone development, and cause adverse health growth of children. influences. Therefore, the design of child table chair set suitable for children's physical and mental characteristics has begun to receive more and more attention.

child table chair set


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